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A death He freely accepted

The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life—only to take it up again. No one


Was death present in the Garden of Eden?

Image via Wikipedia This is from a conversation yesterday – But the LORD God warned him, “You may freely eat


Luke 23:43 and Soul Sleep

This is an interesting post that I’ve found a while ago, but haven’t had time to respond. Thought I might


Review: Accompany Them with Singing – The Christian Funeral

From Amazon Starred Review. Long, a homiletics professor and well-regarded preacher, argues that funerals have become spiritually impoverished and need


George Marsden on Jonathan Edwards’ Surrender

Today is the Birthday of ‘America’s Theologian.’ Almost all his life had been preparing for this moment. He had often


Did Jonah Die in the Belly of the Great Fish?

Another entry in this series, but not the last. I have once concerning historical context. A comment was made on

New Testament

Thoughts on Onesiphorus

Remember this post? Well, it gave way to this post. On the first post, Wb made a comment which has

New Testament

More Thoughts on Praying for the Dead

Remember this conversation? Well TC opined as well here. On his site is the majority of the discussion, by the