Does David Tee Serve Satan?

According to J0hn 8.44, Satan is the father of lies. Clearly one who leaves comments like this and one who

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Finally Found – a Picture of Tee Tee

It took a while, by my crack sleuths in South Korea tracked down a picture of the internet troll, Little


Some more on Little Honey Tee Tee, Derrick David Thiessen, Gamgokt or whatever

Someone brought this to my attention. David Tee, who we have renamed Little Honey Tee Tee, has assumed another name


God bless you, Dorothy King, in which she destroys Little Honey Tee Tee

Look at this comment here: Look ‘theologyarchaeology’ – or kinship or David Tee or whatever you want to call yourself


Can T. Michael Law convert Little Honey Tee Tee?

First, I challenge the lovely little guy who has become the Little Honey Boo Boo of the blogging-troll world to