.@UTSDoc’s “Scripture and the Life of God” (video)

And you can get the book HERE.


Dr David Watson on “the whole canon of Scripture”

What are your thoughts?


Quote of the Day: Abraham and Watson – “Creedal Faith”

In this month’s Circuit Rider (the print magazine of Ministry Matters), Drs. William Abraham. They conclude, Wesley knew what so

Church Government

is the unity of the #UMC a lie?

Dr. Watson asks, Is our unity, then, confined to matters of polity? Are we only held together by the trust


Quote of the Day: David Watson

…God is essentially a construct. God doesn’t do anything except give credence and authority to the ethical claims that we

Church Government

Why I am #UMC

I feel like this would be a great campaign slogan… Dr. Watson has written about “what’s so great about the


Sometimes labels are a good thing, I guess

We need labels. I consider myself an orthodox Christianity, at least in practice. I would like to know, however, if

Christian Education

The Role of Theological Education – Hearing Voices

]] writes, If we are utterly dependent upon the power and presence of God for our life in the Church,