Kenneth Copeland cures PTSD like he did measles

This is nuts. SO MANY THINGS WRONG WITH THIS. One – the United States is not Israel. Moses wasn’t speaking


Why aren’t we overjoyed at this news? #aids #hiv @DavidBartonWB

Two men who had grueling bone marrow treatments for cancer are enjoying a happy side effect: They appear free of

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Is the U.S. Military going to Court Martial Christians?

I saw this on The Colbert Report last night — Bryan Fischer has discovered the Obama’s administration’s secret plan for

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David Barton advocates for individual nuclear weapons

In the case of the Second Amendment, the Founding Fathers didn’t call it the right to keep and bear arms

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Liberalism Kills?

So says Richard Land to the ears to David Barton who seemingly got “excited” over the prospect of selling more

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David Barton knows about God about as much as he knows about Thomas Jefferson

According to David Barton, God wants you to be a selfish, rich millionaire: “and there’s no way God is going to

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So, Barton is proved a liar… so he attacks Throckmorton as being a liberal?

The crux of their attack was that Throckmorton was once a true evangelical but then turned away from supporting the

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Quote of the Day: Beckwith on Barton

From here:  At some point you have to stop blaming the liberal establishment for all the crappy stuff that dominates