Simplified Missional Living

At the TheResurgence, there is an interesting article written by Jonathan Dobson.

  • Eat with Non-Christians
  • Walk, Don’t Drive
  • Be a Regular
  • Hobby with Non-Christians
  • Talk to Your Co-workers.
  • Volunteer with Non-Profits.
  • Participate in City Events
  • Serve Your Neighbors.

I grew up in an atmosphere which denied the existence of the world – or seemingly so. They would no associate with anyone outside the ever decreasing church membership. They never sought to go into the world to rescue the loss. They detested others.

I agree with all of the bullet points, maybe not fully with the summary given (on their page). It is important to carry the Gospel to the world.

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    Lessons from the life of John Chrysostom

    From what I understand, yesterday 27 January, was the day that John Chrysostom was commemorated by those that do such things. Not wanting to appear like this – as I am quite the iconoclastic individual, revering neither saint, memory nor image, but still seeking to express my admiration of the Golden Mouth, here is something that I found:

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