Sleepy Hollow First Impressions

The other night, my wife and I watched the new Fox series, Sleepy Hollow. After watching the first episode, I

Society and Religion

Bad Church Sign Theology

The church right down the street from me has a message on one side of their sign that reads: The


The role of Mimesis in history is the cause of all human achievement?

Scott Garrels writes of Girard’s conclusions, “He further concluded not only that imitation was essentially human, but that it was

Society and Religion

Book Announcement: A Place for Truth, edited by Dallas Willard

From Amazon: Review “These essays, mostly by Christian thinkers, are serious dialogue about important questions. Whether you find in them


Can Christianity Inspire Culture Today?

Maybe so. Maybe, like the Christians of long ago Rome, we can live the Gospel’s social component and reach the


Dietrich Bonhoeffer on the American Church – 1931 or 2009?

I know the facts of this statement, but I have to wonder if it could have been written yesterday?


Question of the Day: Where do you see…

Your society in say 20 years? Try to keep it nice, but honestly, how do you see your society or

Society and Religion

Why Religion May Not be Hard-Wired

Before I get to the pesky new data, it’s worth emphasizing that there are intriguing neurobiological findings suggesting that the