Creation ‘Science’ Proves Evolution

Guess what? Seems that Creation Scientists are proving evolution, or that the very least, disproving Creation Science. Matt Walker writes,


Infallibility and the Mythological Adam

You need to examine four posts before we proceed. Jason’s first post. My First Response. Albeit not a response as


Jesus Creed on The Search for the Historical Adam

This is in response to the article currently making the rounds… I am not convinced, though, that the editors at

John Wesley

Peter Enns, Wesley and Evolution

First, Dr. Enns is an excellent resource. Second, John Wesley came straight from the Apostles. He is tackling a broad


Does the Deuteronomic Sabbath Shatter the YEC argument?

What doesn’t… but I digress too quickly. The most sacred of the Mosaic Laws are the Ten Commandments. I don’t


It’s pointless to argue with someone who hides

You know what really bothers me? When people what to attack you and your posts but don’t link to you.


God Wouldn’t Have Circumvented Natural Laws in Creation – Jeremiah 31.35-36

One of the common explanations of the miraculous Creation, as many understand Genesis 1 to mean, is that God ignored


Are YE Creationists the only ones to take the bible seriously?

Image via Wikipedia I beg to differ with my friend Tony Breeden. Now, I’ve met Tony¬† several times, and he