Zimmerman disputes the rise of YEC among clergy

A biologist with scientific interest in the evolution-creation debate attributed a recent LifeWay Research poll reporting that three-fourths of Protestant

Christian Education

A Significant (?) Blow Against Creationism in Britain

Richard Dawkins’s theological/philosophical dilettantism aside, I would gladly hoist a pint in celebration with him over this news: Leading scientists


There has never been any real evidence for evolution – no ‘caught in the act’ evidence

Well… until now… Scientists have caught the process of evolution in action as a species of Australian lizard abandons egg-laying


Evolving TB bacteria, and two design problems for creationists

India Reports Completely Drug-Resistant TB (link and picture via Wired) If only God hadn’t intelligently designed mycobacterium tuberculosis to adapt


Ken Ham is slowly killing the American Church

America’s Protestant pastors overwhelmingly reject the theory of evolution and are evenly split on whether the earth is 6,000 years


Would Radical Liberal Tony Breeden use 1937 medical science?

What? No? Then why does he quote 1937 science? I mean, honestly, does our good friend have nothing better to


Speaking of Young Earth Creationists and Cognitive Dissonance

Okay, so this is a bit old (not even a month at this, really), but I wanted to show you

Religion and Politics

Just a funny little carton – no harm meant, you Satan Worshipers (i.e., non-literalists)

I love the way Christians are more into silly tribalism (new word of the day) than fulfilling John 17. For