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What’s This About Moonlight?

It’s hard to believe this, but apparently it happened. A few years ago, Bill Nye was booed back in 2006


Ken Ham wonderfully sums up Inerrancy and plaIn readIng

If you as a Christian believe the Bible is inerrant, you’re saying it is without error. And as a creationist,


I’m not sure Ken Ham understands basic biology @aig

Of course, biology could be of the devil if it challenges your opinion, but anyway, Ham has gone ape over


Ken Ham doesn’t believe in the Historical Jesus @AiG

Whatever do you mean, Joel? Ken makes a logical fallacy, that for Jesus to be the Son of God, he


Peter Leithart, Peter Enns, and just not getting it.

Jason alerted me to this post from ]] objecting to ]]’ recent work on the ]]. Jason believes that Leithart


When does it become anti-Semitic to treat Genesis 1 as a Western-style history?

I love the way that Young Earth Creationists add things to Scripture. Granted, this is an ‘old post’ (from December,


When you start off with the presupposition that nothing will convince you, then…

Jason has taken issue with mine and Dr. McGrath‘s posts on the discovery of ongoing evolution as pictured by the skink. While Jason


10 – 12 February 2012 — Evolution Weekend

I’ve never really been a supporter of this – and I’m not a pastor to make these decision – but