More on Creation…Keats, Immortality, Theosis

I’ve posted several snippets and quotes from theologians on the reality of Creation. I also posted something from the 19th


Review: Creation in Scripture @energion

The space that this book occupies on the shelf is not enough to fully define the value of it in


Made in the image of God

27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female


The Final Frontier: Exploring the (God of the) Universe – Part 2 (Science, Conclusion)

Science – Laws Which Cannot Be Broken in this Universe: It is almost quaint and pastoral to discuss the beginnings


The Final Frontier: Exploring the (God of the) Universe – Part 1 (Theology)

This is a paper from this semester…. a rough draft, um, I guess… This is an area I would like

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Jesus isn’t a theory

God reveals Himself to us, He doesn’t give us theories. Salvation is not found in a theory – Salvation is


Jane Williams on God created

Image via Wikipedia Jane Williams, writing in the Guardian, and UK paper, has some theological speculations on Genesis… Genesis is,


The Creation Story is Liturgy?

As of late, my contention that the Creation story is more theological than scientific, okay – completely theological, but there