Cosmology or Biology? Did we miss something in the “Origins” Debate?

Before you and I start with this post, read this one. My favorite academic dean has written a post to


Philosophically, Nothing doesn’t exist.

]], a well-known cosmologist and prolific popular-science writer, apparently means to announce to the world, in this new book, that


The Big Bang isn’t a belief… it’s a fact

The big bang model asserts that observational evidence is consistent with a universe that originated from a dense and hot


The Cosmological Worldview of 2 Peter, Creation ≠ World

A friend was reading my recent paper arguing for creation ex deo, which cough cough to the friendly publishers who


The Scriptural Basis for a Geocentric Cosmology – Scriptural Cosmology

Image via Wikipedia Continuing this from our previous post…. When more than one citation is presented below a descriptive paragraph,


Evolving Interpretations of Hebrew Cosmology

In light of our recent discussions, I thought that this might be interesting:


Hebrew Cosmology Illustrated

A big top of the hat to Fr. Stephen for this link,


In the Mail: InterVaristy Press

I would like to thank the nice folks at InterVaristy Press for sending me these two excellent books!