Church History

Two Creeds of Epiphanius

As we near the end of our early Church creeds, we come to another set of personal creeds by a

Church History

Creeds: Arius

Continuing our discussion on Creeds, we arrive at the private creed of Arius. “The preceding Creed of Lucian seems to

Church History

Creeds: Nicaea 325

We continue our discussion of Creeds with the Creed, at least until 381, or is it still the Creed? We

Church History

Creeds: Eusebius of Caesarea

We continue our discussion of creeds with “Eusebius, Bishop of C├Žsarea, in Palestine (d. 340), the Church historian, the friend


Creeds: Lucian of Antioch

Continuing our week of Creeds, we will examine Lucian of Antioch. Lucianus was an elder of Antioch, and the accused

Church History

Creeds: Third Century

Cyprian, Bishop of Catharge, writing about 250, stated his creed as this: I believe in God the Father, In His

Church History

Creeds: Tertullian and the Rule of Faith

Continuing our week of Creeds, we come to Tertullian, “Now, with regard to this rule of faith-that we may from

Church History

Creeds: Irenaeus and the Rule of Faith

Irenaeus gives us the clearest explanation of the development of the Rule of Faith – it was developed to prepare