(Anthropological) Mimesis, Competition, #Newtown, and the Media

just a few thoughts. this is not an academic paper. just a series of thoughts that i may explore later. 

Religion and Politics

Wait… what wasn’t well regulated in #Aurora?

Records show Fenton has faced some trouble in her career. She was disciplined by the Colorado Medical Board in 2004

Religion and Politics

Who paid for James Eagan Holmes’ gear? #aurora

This stuff isn’t cheap. From several reports, Holmes purchases this in the last few months, while being unemployed. According to

Religion and Politics

More Thoughts on the #Aurora Tragedy – Who can we blame? Blame Me. I helped

I’d like to blame the NRA – Just last week LaPierre showed up at the United Nations Conference on the

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The Lights of Aurora

Everyone expected a night of fun, not a massacre. Smoke bombs went off. A gunman stalked victims in the aisles, killing

Society and Religion

Prayers are fine, but the Colorado Wildfire victims need more than that – Donate

Here, donate: • El Paso County Sheriff’s office: Large animal shelter at Norris-Penrose Equestrian Center needs volunteers:            719-520-7773      . • The Red