Books I’m Reading: Cicero

Fred Craddock, the great narrative preacher, recommended to his students and preachers that they read a fiction book, co-mingled with

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Did Jesus really affirm heterosexual marriage?

I saw this floating by on Facebook and laughed and laughed. The is a rather silly thing, ain’t it? First,


A few words on Interpretation and Rhetoric in regards to Creationism

First, To recognize our emotional drives, to be aware of their force in directing or even methodizing our thought, to

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Quintilian on the Duty of the Student of Rhetoric

Nor is it sufficient to have read the poets only; every kind of writer must be carefully studied, not merely

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Cicero on the Goal of the Rhetorician

kindle the feelings of his hearers, or quench them when kindled . . . it is in this that the