John Wesley

the methodists think little of John Wesley

Church Government

William Law on the effects of a church decree

Basically, and help me if this sounds familiar, the Bishop of Bangor said that there is no biblical support for

Society and Religion

Will N.T. Wright become Methodist when the Church of England disappears?

According to new reports, unless the CoE have a radical campaign to recruit members, they will forever vanish soon enough:

Society and Religion

Anglicans and Lutherans are flooding the Tiber

It isn’t just the Anglicans who are swimming the Tiber, but so too the Lutherans – What first began with

Society and Religion

Not Christian-lite, just theological easy

Image via Wikipedia Okay, so I might have found my jibe a bit short sited, but thanks to Doug for

Society and Religion

The Coming End of the Anglican Communion?

Things are getting nasty in merry olde England! When the Primates of the Anglican Communion meet next month in Dublin,

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More on Benedict’s Gambit

I’ve been watching EWTN all weekend, listening to it’s take on this newest surprise from Rome. Whether people understanding it

Society and Religion

WOW: Vatican welcome to Anglicans boldest move since Reformation

Vatican City – The Vatican launched an historic initiative Tuesday to make it easier for disgruntled Anglicans worldwide to join