Church History

Just Arrived

The other day, I received a package from Zondervan containing Church History, Volume Two: From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day:


Précis on William Willimon’s Word, Water, Wine and Bread

I ordered a used copy, not sure I would want to keep a book such as this, and in this

Church History

The Bull Unam Sanctam, 1302 – Boniface VIII to King Phillip the Fair of France

Image via Wikipedia We are studying the rise of the Roman Bishop, and many point to this document as a

Church History

The Paschal Feast – Are we to follow the Apostles?

The Lord’s Passover approaches. It is a time for Christians to joyously celebrated that single moment in all of history


Young and Old Earth Creation Beliefs and Origins

Long ages are a recent phenomenon to justify evolutionary philosophy. I used to believe the day-age and/or gap models were

Church History

Unity in the Ante-Nicene Church

The ante-Nicene Church was, from a political perspective, an illegal network that broke away from the tolerated Jewish religion. This


Tertullian’s Formula in Greek

Tertullian’s Formula was never used for much of the 4th century Christological debates, surprisingly enough. It was, however, redefined by

Fourth Century

4th Century Christianity: Arian Councils and a Pagan Emperor

The best part of the 4th Century of Christianity was the intervening years between 325 and 381. Here, Roman almost