How I explain Triduum to my kids (Um, Jesus V. Thor)

Maundy Thursday, Good/Holy Friday, Great and Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil, and Easter/Pascha/Resurrection Sunday. I’ll spare you the details of YWHW coming


the joke’s on Jim, I can’t even say Socinian!

Yesterday, I posted my displeasure at the line from In Christ Alone, a modern day hymn. “Till on that cross


Question: What is the ‘host of heaven’ in Acts 7.42

Got a question: NABĀ  Acts 7:42 Then God turned and handed them over to worship the host of heaven, as


Bishop Kallistos Ware on Christus Victor in Eastern Orthodoxy

I have the book – haven’t read it yet, but I will – by ]] which is the book to

Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr – Christus Victor

I’ve recently become interested in the powers which Christ defeated in the mythic Christus Victor. No one seems to name


Willimon on the Political Victory of the Cross

This may be difficult for some to hear, but the Northern Alabama Bishop writes that these man-made principalities are nothing


Willimon on Salvation as a Theological Narrative, not Anthropological

A commentator noted a few of these posts ago that Willimon liked Narrative Theology. I am not always a fan


Mark Galli – Our Atonement Theories Inform Our Worldview

No doubt we can see this. Do we see Christ as a triumphant victor over the powers or do we