The Subtle Heresy of William Lane Craig and Why It Matters

This is another rather lengthy post, whereby I seek to clarify the orthodox Christological position of dyothelitism against the heretical

Melito of Sardis

Melito of Sardis – Introduction

In celebration of this Easter, I am reposting several of my posts on Melito of Sardis. In my opinion, he


The pre-existence of Christ.

I’m wanting to ask a few questions about the pre-existence of Christ as I am preparing a sermon on Colossians.


Digging through Mark’s Christology

While the Christology of Mark will not be my major focus in my upcoming thesis project, I will touch on


An Unknown “Apocryphal” Text From the White Monastery?

Found this interesting – thought I might share – Alin Suciu.. ….recently edited together with Einar Thomassen a parchment folio


Review: The Drama of Ephesians: Participating in the Triumph of God

Did  you know that God is the most high but not  alone on the cosmic stage? It so declares ]]


Should Developed Christology form a basis for the theologising of the New Testament?

Image via Wikipedia Or, as Mark asks, How does Christology form a basis for the theologising and ethicising of the


D.M. Baillie – Personality, Modes or Social Trinity?

Recently, I found Baillie’s monumental book on Christology and have only really flipped through it, but what I’ve found touches