Easter with Melito – Typology in the Old Testament concerning Christ

This week, I am going back through my old posts on Melito of Sardis. So, here we go, a bit

Melito of Sardis

Melito of Sardis – Introduction

In celebration of this Easter, I am reposting several of my posts on Melito of Sardis. In my opinion, he

Mental health

I’ve always known I was fundamentally flawed

It’s true, I have always been painfully aware that my personality is fundamentally flawed. In response to this I spent

Society and Religion

Most Americans are Concerned About Restrictions in Religious Freedom

Intriguing findings from Barna Group: Many Americans express significant angst over the state of religious freedom in the U.S. Slightly


Is the Internet really atheism’s greatest tool?

Guest post by Edmund Standing: In July 2011, Campus Crusade for Christ International apologist Josh McDowell warned that the Internet

Society and Religion

U.S. 77% identify as Christian compared with 59% in U.K.

A new Gallup poll has been released. You’ll have to hop over for the tables as I’m just lifting the


Bare Your Arm of Salvation, A Traditional Hanukkah Song – Repost 2012

This is a long standing repost. I hope to visit it later to clean it up, etc… Sundown approaches, darkness


Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons: Chapters 5-7

Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons by Russell Pregeant Here’s the conclusion of my look at Reading the Bible