after fundamentalism: where do you go from here?

Dear friend, I have heard about your dilemma. Trust me, I have. You’re sick and tired of hearing about how


Fundamentalist: Defining the Term

I asked this question before about another commonly used term to display the badge of Christian differences by, yes, the


Debunking the Lawyers of Noncontradiction

There have been a few fundamentalists taking cheap shots at my arguments with the same old “you’re violating the law


Quote of the Day: Diversity Beyond Fundamentalism

I myself was once subject to the parochialism of Evangelical fundamentalism, but have since discovered, by the grace of God,

Church History

Patristic Fundamentalism?

Fr. Ted has an excellent post in which he writes, ‘Orthodoxy’s efforts to define itself by adopting an absolutist and


The History of Fundamentalism, Cliff Notes

I have no problem with fundamentalists. Many of my friends are fundamentalists. As a matter of fact, I was a

Society and Religion

Paradise Recovered

Randy Olds writes, Thanks to Gavin Rumney at Otagosh for alerting me on his blog about this upcoming movie about


Why fundamentalism will fail