Obligatory Father’s Day Post – I am not my father’s son

Father’s Day is coming up, so this is your obligatory Father’s Day post. Thank God that I am not my


Review: Girl’s Life Application Study Bible, NLT

Our daughter (age 8 ) received The Girl’s Life application Study Bible as a reward for straight A’s on her


Review: The One Year Did You Know Devotions 2

From Amazon: Kids ages 6-10 love trivia, and this devotional is chock-full of interesting and sometimes silly facts. Each fact

Christian Education

Welcome to Kids’ Greek

If you are looking for resources to help teach your child New Testament Greek, this might help: We are excited

Bible Translation

On Translations for Children

Joel began to wonder and wander… about bible translations for children. He notes 4 drawbacks to such an undertaking:


Sunday Thoughts – 7/19

About this time Jesus was informed that Pilate had murdered some people from Galilee as they were offering sacrifices at

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Second Pre-Natal Visit

There is our baby!!! So sweet! I went for my 2nd pre-natal visit a little early due to some complications

Other Posts

Pre-Natal Results

It looks like a peanut, but it’s A baby, namely my baby HT