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Casey Anthony Not Guilty

Reading some of the testimony, it is little wonder actually: After a trial that riveted the nation with its twists

Society and Religion

The Utter Depravity of Marco Alferez

An El Paso high school dance teacher is accused of recording more than 200 videotapes of himself having sex with

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I want to see this book published – An Interview with Rev. Shauna Hyde

My wife and I have different classes at church, I for walking around Rome and she for the class which

Society and Religion

Wisconsin Parents Face 25 Years in Prison When They’re Sentenced in Daughter’s Prayer Death

What do you think? Do they deserve 25 years? A Wisconsin mother and father convicted of reckless homicide for praying

Society and Religion

From Congregation to Cult

Ex-Hosanna pastor: Confession forced. I realize that this might get some more dirty comments thrown my way, but I feel


The Angels Rejoiced Last Night

The above video features Rhonda Vincent and Rebecca Lynn Howard performing what has quickly become a favorite of mine. We