John Wesley

Poems by Wesley: Grieve Not the Holy Spirit

April is National Poetry Month. While we know that John and Charles wrote hymns, they also wrote poems… some of


Did John Wesley use the “Apocrypha?” Yes. Yes, he did. #umc

According to James Charlesworth (who used John Vicker’s data) he did. This is taken from James Charlesworth paper for the

United Methodist Church

a Wesleyan hymn. “For the Church of England”

FOR THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND 1 TILL then preserve the faithful seed, The remnant left in Britain’s land, The desolate


18th Century Theologians in @LogosAnglican Gold, or, the Truth of the Eucharist

First, let’s get this out of the way. Here are the modules included in this package: The Works of William


“Come, sinners, to the Gospel feast” – Charles Wesley

Oft times, Methodists like to pretend that the theology we inherited from John and Charles is that of a symbol


In the Mail: The Sound of (Methodist) Music….

Thanks to Michael at the University of Illinois press, From the product description: Providing new insight into the Wesley family,


The Calvinistic Conundrum – Charles Wesley

Oh Horrible Decree Worthy of whence it came! Forgive their hellish blasphemy Who Charge it on the Lamb. The righteous


The Life of Charles Wesley

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