Reading “Jesus Wept” via Plutarch’s Cato the Younger

John 11.35 is one of my favorite, if not the favorite, bible verses. Simply, “Jesus wept.” We know the story

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Cato the Younger on the downfall of the Republic

I marvel at those who, believing themselves Republican, claim Cato as one of theirs. Like other figures of hallowed antiquity,

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The Quenching of the Thirst of Thousands

More from working with Cato the Younger. This is from the Libyan march: Off in the distance a stingy little


Is the earliest hymn an apologetic excuse?

We know the familiar hymn found embedded in Paul’s Dio Chrysostom-like-letter to the Philippians, who, although He existed in the


Can you acceptably reshape a contemporary representation quickly?

…Lucan’s Cato differs from the closest contemporary representation of the historical figure on which he is based by taking action