Religion and Politics

Justice by the Mob

When we take polls on ‘justice’, and decide verdicts by majority, we run the risk of having no justice system.

Religion and Politics

Just a little note on Michelle Crowder and ‘Caylee’s Law’

No doubt that laws need to be made to do whatever has popped up into pop culture lately, but let’s

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Russell Huekle, Juror, on the verdict of Casey Anthony

Russell Huekle, an alternate juror, gave three reasons for the acquittal of Casey Anthony: The prosecution “didn’t present the evidence

Mental health

Explaining Casey Anthony’s Non-Empathy

Some emotionally vulnerable people can experience mania—the “high” phase of bipolar disorder, essentially the opposite of depression—in the setting of

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Casey Anthony Not Guilty

Reading some of the testimony, it is little wonder actually: After a trial that riveted the nation with its twists