Religion and Politics

What is Capitalism? Pope John Paul II has the answer.

“If by ‘capitalism’ is meant an economic system which recognizes the fundamental and positive role of business, the market, private

Religion and Politics

Jesus was neither a Capitalist nor a Socialist

I think that Doug would agree with me. To use Scripture to support our modern economic theories which are not

Religion and Politics

Halteman on Adam Smith’s Moral Foundation

Yesterday, Rodney and I were discussing the use of non-Christians, and sometimes a-theists, economic systems (notably, Adam Smith, Ayn Rand,

Religion and Politics

Capitalism and Christianity

I don’t think that capitalism is completely incompatible with Christianity, but neither is socialism. What is incompatible is classism, among


Question of the Day: What System Am I Describing

Thought we might try something different today: I want a community in which the workers all work for the owners