Calvinism is Rooted

I cannot explain to you my distaste for this form of deterministic Calvinism. Not only does it require God to

John Wesley

how close does Wesley come to Calvinism? (Free Will)

Although these minutes are not part of the doctrinal standards of The United Methodist Church, reading them can be helpful


The Synod of Jerusalem (1672) – The Orthodox view on #Calvinism

We believe the Divine and Sacred Scriptures to be God-taught; and, therefore, we ought to believe the same without doubting;

John Wesley

Was Paul a Calvinist or a Arminian-Wesleyan?

You have heard what my manner of life was when I was still a practising Jew: how savagely I persecuted


For John Piper, God’s Wrath Really Isn’t Satisfied

The Good News of Jesus Christ is that God has been born into the world, in the flesh, dwelt among


The Reformed are Catholic – Or, I hardly knew you Dr. Kirk!

How dare anyone say… First, there is the conservative expression of Reformed Theology that is spreading like wildfire these days.


Universalism and predestination? Two heads, one coin?

Over at John Meunier’s Blog, he has a post up casting Universalism and Predestination in the same light. (Read the


Is Arminianism a God-centered theology?

Image via Wikipedia One of the most common criticisms aimed at Arminianism by its opponents is that it is “man-centered