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Is the U.S. Military going to Court Martial Christians?

I saw this on The Colbert Report last night — Bryan Fischer has discovered the Obama’s administration’s secret plan for

Religion and Politics

Mad Props to the Rabbi – “Bryan Fischer…is not a religious man” @BryanJFischer @theird

“The fact is that is the ultimate statement of heresy,” Rabbi Shmuley Boteach said on CNN. “This is not a religious

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Our Videocast (vodcast?) discussing a Christian response to #newtown @theird

Yes, sure… a bit non-professional except for the guy with the radio voice… Anyway, this is not our last, and

Religion and Politics

Now, more than ever, I am thankful that I am mainline

The responses by Bryan Fischer and Mike Huckabee have once again reminded me the great gulf fixed between fundamentalism and

Religion and Politics

The Right Wing God is a Psychopath – God just shrugged at #Sandyhook

According to Bryan Fischer, God didn’t want to save the children because he wasn’t wanted in the public schools. “Here’s

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So, Barton is proved a liar… so he attacks Throckmorton as being a liberal?

The crux of their attack was that Throckmorton was once a true evangelical but then turned away from supporting the

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Why is a man who advocates kidnapping children still on the radio?

In two separate  tweets  last night, he called for an “Underground Railroad to deliver innocent children from same-sex households.” Wow…. I don’t understand

Religion and Politics

Who would be excluded in a Dominionist-ru(i)n(ed) America

“The god of Judaism is the devil. The Jew will not be recognized by God as one of His chosen