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West Virginia, Marriage, and the #UMC

I’m in a mood to experiment a little. You can find Part II here. In the Great State of West

United Methodist Church

161f, #UMC Book of Discipline (#GC2016)

Recently, I posted my answers to a questionnaire I had received as a nominee to be a delegate to the

John Wesley

Unity is the Methodist Tradition – John Wesley

With minor various, these paragraphs goes back to the 1784 Book of Discipline, the very first one. This is from

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Ode in Prose to the #UMC Book of Discipline

Why do I like the Book of Discipline? Let me count the ways… As many of you know, I grew

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Dare you withhold Apportionments? Indeed, I dare you. #UMC

There is a move, a threat, something akin to civil disobedience (if we must bring secular methods into the sectarian

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What did the Committee really say in the #Schaefer decision? #UMC #UMCschism

There is a key line in the ruling issues today, re-frocking Frank Schaefer. The penalty the Trial Court imposed on

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It may help the #UMC if we stopped lying about one another, a response

I cannot decide if the “press release” by Good News Magazine, the official organ of an unofficial group of United

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Should the United Methodist Church become more, um, episcopal? #WVUMC

Not that in way… not that there is anything wrong with that… but what if the Council of Bishops had