Review of Killing Jesus: A History #killingjesus

I recently live blogged Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s latest book, Killing Jesus: A History. You can find them here.


#killingjesus Chapters 12-21: I’m sorry

Chapter 12 begins with the promise Jesus has but 6 days to live, appearing to use Luke as the primary


#KillingJesus Chapters 8-11 – Anachronisms

Chapter 8 begins with the authors again dangling a carrot before us. There is a small amount of historical truth


#killingjesus – Chapters 6-7 – Liberals Die and Go to Hell

Did you know John the Baptizer proclaimed in his message “this Christ… will punish you in the more horrible manner

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#killingjesus Chapter 5 – When history doesn’t fit, make up new stuff.

Chapter 5, like chapter 4, is set in the scene of Luke 2, where Jesus is lost in the Temple.


#KillingJesus – Chapters 1-4: Could you be more wrong?

Chapter 1 begins like well-written novels, describing a mad king bent on murdering any future rivals, or a novelistic accounting


Early thoughts on Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Killing Jesus’ – A Note to Readers #killingjesus

This is the third book penned by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. The previous two, Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy,