We Still Remember: Exodus 17.14 and the Amalekites

In some scriptural situations, extreme biblical literalism would leave God either a failure or a liar. If we took every


What Did Christ Really Say About Moses?

Christ is often used to substantiate the belief that Moses wrote the first five books of the bible – although


Discussions on Genesis 1

As always, there is a large amount of discussion going on in the biblioblogosphere about one thing or another. This


The Pitfalls of Literalism

I am Inerrantist, but not a Literalist, and here are some rambling thoughts on the matter.


N.T. Wright on “unfaithful”, “flat” readings of Genesis

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Religion and Politics

Biblical inerrancy and the Alabama race for governor

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My NLT has more miracles than your KJV

Joel has a great question, The KJV uses the word “miracle” (or “miracles”) less than 30 times. The ESV, only


Augustine On The Literal Reading of Genesis 1-3

Thought this might interest a few: