Non-literal Numbers in the Old Testament

This is such a simple concept that I almost feel ridiculous writing about it, but YECs have swarmed this blog


The history of biblical literalism?

Maybe the Brits don’t understand American Biblical literalism – If you read the Bible asking: “What was St Paul saying


Reflections on Thom Stark’s The Human Faces of God – Part 2

For the start of the series, start here. He’s right. When inerrancy is taken to its logical level  there is


The Story of Ruth as a Chance to Right Historical Wrongs

During last night’s discussion on Ruth, I had several thoughts come to me about the story of Ruth, especially as


Why is Ruth, a book about breaking the Law, in the Canon?

“No Ammonite or Moabite or any of their descendants for ten generations may be admitted to the assembly of the


Calvin, Luther and Melanchthon believed Geocentricity?

In the words of our next President, ‘you betcha’! (with a wink) As Scott notes, Luther called Copernicus an “upstart


The Scriptural Basis for a Geocentric Cosmology? Part 1

I am, this week, continuing a conversation from Brian’s post, and to let this be an encouragement to him, in

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Peculiarities of the Appalachia Hermeneutic: Snake-handling and Literalism

The passage in question, as we discuss the Appalachian Hermeneutic, is found in Mark 16.18, the longer ending, They will