Melito of Sardis: Mystery of the Passover

This is a series of repost for Easter from Melito of Sardis. What more can I add here? Components of


Melito of Sardis: The Old Testament and the New Testament

I am reposting Melito for Easter. I have posted on Melito some before, and find myself returning to him for


Easter with Melito – Typology in the Old Testament concerning Christ

This week, I am going back through my old posts on Melito of Sardis. So, here we go, a bit


Review: Invitation to Biblical Interpretation: Exploring the Hermeneutical Triad of History, Literature, and Theology @Kregelbooks

Andreas J. Köstenberger and Richard D. Patterson have a daunting task ahead of them, to engage me personally and bringing

New Testament

Is The Gospel of Luke Geared Toward Only the Rich?

First, in Luke 1:1-4, Mosala suggests that the intended audience is a dead giveaway at the outset. “Theophilus, his excellency”


Was Cain Right In Killing Abel?: A New Reading of Genesis 4

As far as I can remember, my mother was the first one to teach my brother and I about the


Final Thoughts on From Every People and Nation

Concluding thoughts on this book. Next week, in NT class, we start on the Gospels… While I believe that John


Scratchpad: The Limits of Legitimate Interpretation

More classwork. The question: So, as you read chapters three through six in FEPN, what perspectives do you find helpful