BT2013 just finished up in Dallas, TX. Bible translators and consultants, ethnologists and musicologists, and biblical studies scholars all met and presented papers on topics ranging from the history of Indonesian Bible translation to translation strategies for clause chaining languages. It was fun. I learned a lot. I got a t-shirt.

Some papers, handouts, and PPTs from BT2013 have been posted on MAP.


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a MAP for bible translators

MAP stands for Modular Aggregation of Principles for Bible Translation. It is an online learning community created by the Nida Institute. MAP is a collection of videos, PDFs, MP3s, TED and YouTube links, and original content created by community members. While aimed at Bible translators, anyone interested in Bible, language, and cultures should check it out. Content ranges from discussions of Relevance Theory, Ancient Near East, and neurology. Its open to the public, so feel free to join.

MAP is a question driven tool. So the best way to get around is to use the search bar. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can ask a question and someone else in the community might have your answer.


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