Cyprian of Carthage on Baptismal Regeneration

For it has been delivered to us, that there is one God, and one Christ, and one hope, and one


Barnabas on Baptismal Regeneration

The Epistle of Barnabas is traditionally held to be written by the Barnabas of the New Testament, however, a second


Tertullian on Baptismal Regeneration

Continuing our discussion on the Church Fathers and baptismal regeneration…


Baptismal Regeneration in the Church Fathers (1)

Last week we covered this subject from the stand point of the Reformers – so, I thought that I might


Zwingli on Baptismal Regeneration

As with Luther and Calvin, we are examining different views from the Reformation on Baptismal Regeneration. Zwingli is perhaps the


John Calvin on Baptismal Regeneration

As with Luther, I am posting these for discussion. Did Calvin believe in a form of baptismal regeneration? Maybe not


Martin Luther on Baptismal Regeneration

In recent discussions on baptismal regeneration, a wholly unProtestant view, it seems, I mentioned Luther in an unrelated point (he



For all of the Protestants dismissal of baptism as necessary to salvation, there are great many people that actually it