Religion and Politics

What is Capitalism? Pope John Paul II has the answer.

“If by ‘capitalism’ is meant an economic system which recognizes the fundamental and positive role of business, the market, private

Religion and Politics

@SenRandPaul is a libertarian and most likely doesn’t believe in intellectual property

Others have caught Rand Paul caught numerous times plagiarizing. First in speeches, then in books, and now in an op-ed.

Religion and Politics

I wish Paul Ryan was Catholic

Perhaps like America itself, Mr. Ryan is a complicated, some might say conflicted, individual. He is a Roman Catholic. But

Religion and Politics

Halteman on Adam Smith’s Moral Foundation

Yesterday, Rodney and I were discussing the use of non-Christians, and sometimes a-theists, economic systems (notably, Adam Smith, Ayn Rand,

Religion and Politics

Ayn Rand Led him to Christ

Bishop Edward S. Little II is the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana. Ayn Rand changed my life.


3 Fatal Flaws of Ayn Rand (Only Three?)

Of course, thanks to the Theory of Motivated Reasoning, all of this will be wiped away just like May 22,