Austin Farrer on the #Rosary

If I had been asked two dozen years ago for an example of what Christ forbade when he said ’Use not


In the Mail: A Poetic Discontent, Austin Farrer and the Gospel of Mark (Library of New Testament Studies)

Part of the official book description: Austin Farrer has often been described as the one genius that the Church of

Gospel Criticism

2013 Blogging Project: The Farrer Theory, Empirical Justification

First, the introduction to the Text I will use: An essential resource for the analytical study of the gospels, The


Is Fred Craddock a Farrerian?

In one section, of the book, on interpreting the Text, Craddock suggests this: The Evangelists preserved and interpreted sayings and


The Genius of Farrer

“The literary history of the Gospels will turn out to be a simpler matter than we had supposed. St. Matthew


Farrer on the middle road of Myth

The first sense of myth we have to consider stands for something which no mind, whether modern or ancient, ought