Scratch Pad Two: Arianism

Image via Wikipedia See the previous post. Also, do you see Arianism in the modern Church? Arianism, long latent even

Fourth Century

Arius’s Thalia

Our assignment this week for the Church History Intro class is on Constantine, essentially. Of course, again, one my academic

Fourth Century

4th Century Christianity: Marcellus’ Fight

Continuing our look at the 4th Century and doctrinal development.

Fourth Century

4th Century Christianity: Arian Councils and a Pagan Emperor

The best part of the 4th Century of Christianity was the intervening years between 325 and 381. Here, Roman almost

Fourth Century

4th Century Christianity: The Council of Nicaea

This was part of a presentation given on the development of the Doctrine of the Trinity earlier this year. I


Ghosts of Ancient Heresies – The Arianist Catholic Church

I mean, I though the Jehovah’s Witnesses had a corner on this –


Fragments of a letter from Alexander of Alexandria to Sylvester of Rome

We are continuing our look at the Arian documents of the Fourth Century. For those of just joining us, this


Letter of Alexander of Alexandria Sent to Melitius and All Bishops

As the debate intensified across the Empire, Alexander began to appeal to more for help in stemming the tide of