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The Appalachian Hermeneutic Maybe Proposal – Topics

So, I’m thinking about this proposal, for a variety of reasons — namely because I rather like Appalachia and think

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Maybe a Book Proposal on the Appalachian Hermeneutic (coming, maybe, soon)

A few years ago, I had a blog series on the subject, although it never really got going. And, recently,


Traveling Home without the Local Color

In the fifth chapter, Kiri Miller starts to scrape away some of the patina which surrounds Sacred Harp music but

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The Appalachian Hermeneutic: Decolonizing Appalachia

For this week’s venture into exploring the Appalachian Hermeneutic, I want to point you to a post on post-colonial theory

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Peculiarities of the Appalachia Hermeneutic: Snake-handling and Literalism

The passage in question, as we discuss the Appalachian Hermeneutic, is found in Mark 16.18, the longer ending, They will

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Songs of the Appalachian Hermeneutic – Tramp on the Street

As a side (socio-theological) project, I am trying to ‘build’ and Appalachian Hermeneutic, which will look at how the Appalachian

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Building the Appalachian Hermeneutic

I am Appalachia. In my veins Runs fierce mountain pride; From a poem, Appalachia, by Muriel Miller Dressler. In a


West Virginia, Wisdom, and Jerusalem – Mothers all

We often personify objects, whether concrete or abstract. Ships, nations, cities, powerful storms are gendered as ‘she.’ We can joke