Appalachian English #linguistics

“We are twenty ‘ears behind the country, but I wouldn’t trade places with nobody” Anyway, it is a decent, short,


Traveling Home without the Local Color

In the fifth chapter, Kiri Miller starts to scrape away some of the patina which surrounds Sacred Harp music but

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Songs of the Appalachian Hermeneutic – Tramp on the Street

As a side (socio-theological) project, I am trying to ‘build’ and Appalachian Hermeneutic, which will look at how the Appalachian

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Building the Appalachian Hermeneutic

I am Appalachia. In my veins Runs fierce mountain pride; From a poem, Appalachia, by Muriel Miller Dressler. In a


Appalachian Christmas Carol: I Wonder as I Wander

Thanks to PJ for pointing this song out.