Q&A With Sarah Ruden, Author Of Paul Among The People

Once again, thanks to Image Catholic Books for sending along a copy of Paul Among the People.  I think this


In the Mail – Paul Among the People

A brief word of thanks to Image Catholic Books for sending me a copy of Sarah Ruden’s Paul Among the

New Testament

Gombis on Us On Paul

The good Dr. Gombis has an excellent article in Christianity Today about the Apostle Paul, or perhaps it is more

Society and Religion

6th Century Image of the Apostle Paul Found.

The restoration of a tomb in the catacombs of St. Gennaro in Naples, revealed a new discovery. The image of

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Smoked. Because I can. Jesus said I can eat anything, because all food is clean. “Are you so dull?” he

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Falling asleep during sermons

Over the years I have nodded off during many tedious sermons. One of my sisters would often elbow me to


Review: Paul and the Early Jewish Encounter with Deuteronomy

In Lincicum’s revised Oxford dissertation, we have what the author calls a ‘study of the study of Deuteronomy (p12) which


Something I hadn’t read before – Acts 15.5 and the Pharisees

Last week or so, we were studying the book of Acts. While reading about the first Church Council, I was