Gregory of Nyssa

The incomprehensibleness of God – St. Gregory of Nyssa

For leaving behind everything that is observed, not only what sense comprehends but also what the intelligence thinks it sees,


Apophatic theology is alive (at least on the blogosphere)

This isn’t going to be a long post. First, I read this by Stephen Webb this morning. I was left


There is (no) no God

Image via Wikipedia Sorry, but I enjoy Apophatic Theology, so… Christian has a response to an article posted at Religion

Church History

Apophatic Theology in Pseudo-Dionysius – Chapter 4 of Mystical Theology

Image via Wikipedia This is from chapter four of ]]’ work, ]], as quoted in Dr. John Tyson’s Book, ]].

Gregory of Nyssa

The Apophatic Way In Gregory of Nyssa

Thought this was an interesting article which I discovered as I was studying a bit on the nature of God


An Apophatic Rendering of the Logos in John’s Prologue

I have not familarized myself as well as I should with Apophatic Theology, but I did find this post interesting.


Can we use Apophatic Theology to prevent Religious Extremism?

I don’t think I would take it that far, although there is in the nature of people to destroy. Schaeffer

New Testament

Epideictic Rhetoric, Apophatic Theology, Sophism, Jesus Christ and Paul

Lately, due to someone unnamed who has written an unpublished article which I was blessed in reading, I’ve been studying