Anthony Le Donne and Taken by the Lost Gospel T-Rex

Um… so…. read this review. THE LOST GOSPEL is not the worst book ever written. I once attended a party where


quote of the day – Anthony Le Donne and Salome

I am reading through the books surrendered to me for review. So I’ll post quotes or insights from them as


The Wife of Jesus is available

Anthony Le Donne writes, My book ]] is now available in the UK and USA. This book is a critical

Society and Religion

Le Donne on @RezaAslan

By now, you know the story of Alsan and Fox News. Here, in part, is Le Donne’s words: …I have


Was Jesus Sexually Active?

This seems to be something of a question in Anthony Le Donne’s forthcoming book, The idea that Jesus was married

Publications and Papers

Things Le Donne won’t say about my book

Oh boy… My Favorite: Joel L. Watts’ book gave my historiography a needed colonoscopy. The Jesus Blog: The Top Ten


If you aren’t a scholar who blogs, this is your final warning — More on Remembering Tatian’s remembering

Anthony Le Donne proposed a topic about Tatian and social memory (here, here, and here). I believe that the use of social


But is the Diatessaron about Memory or Ease?

  The Jesus Blog: So you need a dissertation topic (Installment 3) – The Diatessaron as a Site of Counter-Memory.