Society and Religion

Oh, so that’s why @AiGKenHam is so upset with @Pontifex…

The Holy Father has once again amazed people by being Catholic. No one was more shocked by this revelation than


Nothing, not even God

Peter Enns has linked to and then offered some thoughts on this video. The views expressed in the video about

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Ken Ham, idolator and mythicist

He begins by quoting John 1.1 in the NKJV. Not the Greek, but a translation. As such, he writes, In

Society and Religion

What is it about James McGrath that gets to @AIGKenHam

Any casual student of human behavior will recognize that straw man arguments and other logical fallacies usually indicate the presence


Page 2 of the Quiz – And No, it’s still not science and no, it’s still not education @AiG

Reportedly, we’ll have to wait until the end of June to discover what school did this. Check out the link

Religion and Politics

Now, more than ever, I am thankful that I am mainline

The responses by Bryan Fischer and Mike Huckabee have once again reminded me the great gulf fixed between fundamentalism and


Ken Ham wonderfully sums up Inerrancy and plaIn readIng

If you as a Christian believe the Bible is inerrant, you’re saying it is without error. And as a creationist,


Ken Ham doesn’t believe in the Historical Jesus @AiG

Whatever do you mean, Joel? Ken makes a logical fallacy, that for Jesus to be the Son of God, he