John Wesley

17th Century Theology in Anglican Gold, @logos @LogosAnglican

I wanted to highlight where I am in looking at the Anglican Gold from Logos Bible Software. Instead of randomly going

John Wesley

the proper use by Christians of Scripture

There are 39 Articles of Faith for the Anglican Church. One in particular is my focus this week: Article VI.


An Apology to Commenter Tom Finland aka “Father” Robert

Made ya look! NSFW   The disreputable dilettante Tom Finland, that famous Irishman who pollutes every biblioblog with his homoerotic

Society and Religion

The Coming End of the Anglican Communion?

Things are getting nasty in merry olde England! When the Primates of the Anglican Communion meet next month in Dublin,


Evangelical Anglican Catholics?

It seems to happening this way, sometimes, now don’t it? What happens when former Evangelicals find their way home to

Society and Religion

Pope and Anglican leader agree on closer relations

After offering a home in his church to disaffected Anglicans, Pope Benedict XVI assured the archbishop of Canterbury on Saturday

Society and Religion

Feeling the Heat? Anglican head scolds Vatican

Roman Catholics should look beyond the divisive issue of ordaining women to see how much they share with the world’s


More Reasons for an NLT Ecumenical Version

I’m nagging, I know, but… The Episcopal Church has turned to I Maccabees in it’s Daily Office as of today.