The Afghanistan Creed

I had the opportunity to travel to Afghanistan before the US involvement there. It was an incredibly rewarding trip in

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While you’re looking the other way… Guess who is staying in Afghanistan

Two days of talks between U.S. and Afghan officials have yielded a partial security agreement between the two countries. Secretary

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Chicago is worse than Afghanistan in gun deaths

January-to-June murders here were 58 percent higher than the number of US troops killed in Afghanistan during the same period.

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American Embassy in Afghanistan Celebrates Al-Qaeda

On an important day to Al-Qaeda, the American Embassy in Kabul brought in Al-Qaeda flags, said Al-Qaeda prayers, and honored

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Is it time yet, Mr. President, to leave Afghanistan?

We don’t know fully happened yet, but if this is half-true, this has caused some severe problems with our troops

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Pakistan Doesn’t Like us; We give them money, but not for long?

First, some insights from Pakistan: Pakistan’s military says it has rejected recent reports in The New York Times criticizing the

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Will we leave Afghanistan if Al-Qaeda is defeated?

I doubt it. The War Machine must be placated. According to the new SecDef, Leon Panetta, the terrorist organization is

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Quote of the Day, maybe the month, the Real Cost of War

We are wasting $700 million a day to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while our teachers, firefighters