{Insert Catchy Title} Adam Winn, Vespasian, and @garetrobinson

]] has made a decisive turn from the search for the literary sources of the Gospel of Mark to discovering


Winn, Watson, John, Egerton, Jewish-Christian, and Christian-Jewish literary transitions @eerdmansbooks

My working – and this is super secret so don’t tell anyone because I haven’t done the research yet to


New Testament Perspectives interview with Adam Winn

I am saddened, just saddened that I did not think of this first. Anyway, here is my review of Winn’s

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Blogging my book: I’m living in an allusive paradox

Yesterday, I was working on chapter 4 of my book. This chapter deals with mimesis and mimetic studies in the


Blogging my Book: “Wears a Green Carnation”

Actually… Oscar Wilde is mentioned in my book. But I was looking for a word that goes with some sub-headings


I’m not sure the Criterion of Contrary Tendency explains Luke’s use of Elijah/Elisha as much as Farrer/Mimetic does

I’m in the middle of my break between drafts so I am catching up on reading, both personal and for


Confirmation of Peter’s ἔξοδον, and Mark’s late date, in Irenaeus

I can’t find the Greek text, and I really don’t want to spend any more time on it, but this

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I can no longer give away the milk for free… so buy these books in preparation for mine

This one is a very awesome book which collects recent scholarship on Lucan (including Henderson and Masters, among lots of