Ur, whatcha doing?

Nothing, just hanging around. Sorry for the puns. Anyway, British archeologists have found evidence of the city of Ur, mentioned


The Question of Infant Baptism: John Calvin on Circumcision and Baptism

Image via Wikipedia 11. Certainly, if circumcision was a literal sign, the same view must be taken of baptism, since,


How Would you Answer the Akedah? (Søren Kierkegaard)

Image via Wikipedia Since it is way out of copyright dating (with Søren Kierkegaard publishing it in 1843) I could


How to Explain the Religions of Abraham to the Hollywood Generation

If you don’t like humor, don’t click below – and if you are reading it on the RSS feature, don’t


Discussion: Lynch Pins of the Old Testament

Biblical Minimalism, as I understand it, essentially denies the historical value of the Old Testament. I’ve been thinking – not