Karl Rove was right!!

Remember when he said this:Our education plan allows us to make further gains in the suburbs. It will also allow us to make gains with Hispanics and African-Americans. As people do better, they start voting like Republicans — unless they have too much education and vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing. – Karl Rove, quoted in the “Daily Texan,” March 19, 2001

He’s right. Dead on. About the only thing he’s been right about in a very long time  –

best educated voters obama

And then there is Florida (ht to CS via FB)

karl rove was right!!!

There is a reason conservative Republicans take a stand against education and often seem anti-intellectual.

I know why Mike was in Georgia now

He was leading the charge…

Darwin, the 19th-century British scientist who laid the foundations for the theory of evolution by natural selection, logged 4,000 write-in votes in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, which includes half of Athens-Clarke County, just east of Atlanta.

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That will be St. Charles Darwin…

Election Day 2012: The Prayers That Should Go Up

In the United States, we are experiencing our quadannual national election involving the President. Yes, there are other State office holders, but the focus nationally, and across the world, is upon the office of the President.

Other past decade or more, the United States has become deeply partisan, deeply divided. Conspiracy theories and threats of armed riots abound. People are angry, fearful, and afraid. Well, some are anyway. Many of us are just happy to see the election over so we can start 2016.

Anyway, I am hoping that some of us will continue in prayer today.

Does prayer really work? Sure, on a few different levels. Prayer reminds us to be humble and prayer forces us to remember others above ourselves. To that end, I was thinking last night about the prayers that should be on my lips today.

My secretary is among the hundreds of thousands of poll workers today meant to ensure fair and equal elections. Let us pray for these nameless faces. Let us pray for the county voting officials, the Secretary of States of the 50 states, and for those who are poll watchers. Let us pray that they will remain honest and stead fast as they prepare the table to serve the single American sacrament.

Let us pray for the campaign workers, many of who have spent years preparing for this, working long hours, connecting to the campaigns in a way we cannot fully understand. Let us pray for the campaign managers that tomorrow, when this is over and they return home — really return home — they will find peace, whether lose or win.

Let us pray for the voters who are suffering in several states voter suppression. This is a cold day in some parts of the country and yet they will vote. I pray for their protection and sternness of will.

Let us pray for all those who running today, that they will freely accept the will of the people.

Let us pray for presidential candidates. The loser must judge his words carefully so as to not incite a riot. The winner must not be too eager to seek praise. Let these two men remember that this country is far bigger, far better, far more important than their bruised egos, their puffed up pride.

Let us pray for one another, our neighbors who vote differently, our children, and our soldiers.

God bless.