Sunday Thoughts – 9/26

Location: Dayton, Ohio – that’s Moabite for ‘It’s okay, but it’s not West Virginia.’ Honestly, it is.

Anyway… it was a shorter trip than I thought. 1/3 of it was on a conference call with my business associates (cue the Soprano’s music), so not too terribly boring. But, it gave me time to realize one of the reasons that I don’t care much for Ohio…it reminds me too much of Louisiana. It’s flat. Tooooooo flat for me. I miss the mountains already.

We got up super early for the 9am service, which of course two of the four voters in the family enjoy. They like the music and the ‘loose’ feel. Me, I want liturgy, hymns, choral music, and the pastors in robes. Just saying…

One of the songs we sang this morning was the one I posted last night… made me laugh a bit.

I have very posts this week, actually… and will be posting those submissions – those VERY FEW submissions for this month’s giveaway so that you can vote. I’ll be doing that on Tuesday. So you have ALL DAY TOMORROW TO ENTER. Just saying….

Otherwise, I’ll keep you updated as my adventures in Dayton continue…

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